Regional Units

      1st Northwest Battalion

      2nd Southwest Battalion 


      3rd Central Battalion  


      4th Northeast Battalion


      5th Southeast Battalion

Tribal Units



"To say that Native Americans have fought for "their" Country would be an error of simplification. For they have always fought both and died for "their" country, and "this" Country; from the days that it was indeed "their" country, and "this" Country had yet to exist. And, in one way or another have continued to do so down through the passage of years and too many wars and battles to think of." ~ Author Unknown

Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis

Upper Skagit Tribe

Stillaguamish Tribe

Quinault Nation

Confederated Tribes of the Yakama

Suquamish Tribe

Swinomish Tribe

Spokane Tribe

Snoqualmie Tribe

Skokomish Tribe

Upper Skagit Tribe

Squaxin Island Tribe

Makah Tribe

Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe

Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe

Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe

Sauk Suiattle Tribe

Nisqually Tribe

Kalispel Tribe

Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis

Tulalip Tribe

Shoalwater Bay Tribe

Lummi Nation

Cowlitz Tribe

Quileute Tribe

Nooksack Tribe

Confederated Tribes of the Colville

Samish Nation

Puyallup Tribe

Hoh Tribe

Muckleshoot Tribe


“We cannot simply think of our survival; each new generation is responsible to ensure the survival of the seventh generation. Indigenous people are the poorest of the poor and the holders of the key to the future survival of humanity.” ~ Chief Lyons



Site Overview

 This is an experiment and something that has never been done before in the Militia Movement. For years, we have been trying to get on one sheet of music, but had to play by other people's rules. Well, that time is over! 

 This site was not created to take the focus away from the county units and community units. In fact, it is was created for Research & Development for cohesion between units. There is no rank here and everyone is equal.

 The true purpose of this site is to put our brains together and take back ideas that work to our units. Anyone is welcome to do anything they want and post what they want (no spam). The goal is harnessing ideas that make sense in the end.

Intel Hotline

- Troop Movements?

- Police State Checkpoints?

- Swat Raids?

- Tyranny in progress?


FreeFor Fusion Cell

"George Washington's Rebellion" is a non-violent PSYOPs program many of us have been working on to advance humanity. Would George Washington approve of the Constitution of the State of Washington? What would George Washington do?



I keep getting questions about the WSM, so I am going to sum it up right here. 

The WSM is the Washington State Militia. Our rights as Washingtonians, is for a well regulated armed Militia, made up of the citizens to protect our state from foreign invasion, suppress domestic rebellion and to fight tyranny in government. We have not made any of this up and it comes straight from the Constitution of the United States, Militia Acts and the words of the founding fathers of this country. 

You might have to go back a ways in history, but every state use to have their own State Militia. We live in Washington State, so we are naturally the Washington State Militia.  The Washington State Militia has its origins in 1855 when it was the Washington Territorial Militia. In 1889, we became a state and the Washington State Militia's name was born. Going into World War I, the Militia structure was replaced with the federalized National Guard. It is questionable if the National Guard is even constitutional at all, but there system has been used for over a hundred years for supplementing the Army and Air Force in some capacity. What they have forgotten, was the citizen in the equation. 

Flash forward to today, and we have the cards stacked against us. Still, there is room for growth that the government does allow. Like it or not the President of the United States is the Commander and Chief of all the State Militias, the Governor of the State of Washington is the Commander and Chief of the Washington State Militia, and there is an upper Chain of Command of the Militia that has been appointed by the Governor with the National Guard and State Guard. There is nothing at the county or local level though and it appears the Federal and State governments are attempting to suppress that from rising. Hope this helps a little:) 


"The battle is not to the strong alone. It is to the vigilant, the active, and the brave. A small, disciplined militia can not only hold out against a larger force, but drive it back, because what they're fighting for rightfully belongs to them." ~  Patrick Henry 



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    Pacific County folks

    As of right now the Grays Harbor Civil Defense Force is the only group in the near area. However if anyone is in Pacific County wanting to start up a small group I would encourage it and network with and work along side the Grays Harbor group. I'm telling you, small groups are easier to manage if you have networks of groups to support in bad times.See More
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    Black Horse Militia last recruitment push for 2014

    Ok so here is the last recruitment post for the year of 2014 as I posted it on my facebook page.It's the Holiday season and I pray that all of you have a great time with family and friends. I am planning to have the next meet up in Seatac or Federal Way at a diner in January. This will be the official sign up for all Black Horse members. Those who want to join and are ready to train and prep, this will be it. Even if our numbers are small. I don't care. Quality over quantity. If anyone is close to my location of Seatac and just want to chit chat always let me know. I know most of us are pretty spread out and that plays into how we meet up, but feel free to reach out.Oh yeah, this is where patches will be ordered for all official members.I will send a email out to those of you whom I have been communicating with for a while and if you still want to join, you will have detailed info.-Black Horse-See More


    1. Getting Units off the Ground

    2. Recruitment

    3. Communication

    4. Weapon Selection/Qualification

    5. Medic/ First Aid

    6. Gear

    7. Survival Stuff

    8. Shelter

    9. Food

    10. Water

    11. Fire

    12. Certifications with Government

    13. Navigation

    14. Security

    15. Intelligence

    16. Supply


    Militia Acts

    King George II

    An Act for preventing Mutiny and Desertion (1757)

    An Act for the better regulating and disciplining the Militia (1757)

    An Act for reducing the several acts for making provision against invasions and insurrections into one act (1757)

    An Act for the more effectual preventing and, repelling the hostile incursions of the Indians at enmity with the inhabitants of this colony (1757)

    ANNO REGNI (1758)

    An Act for the defence of the Frontiers of this Colony, and for other purposes therein mentioned (1758)

    An Act for continuing and amending an act, intituled, An Act for preventing mutiny and desertion (1758)

    An Act for granting an aid to his majesty, for the better protection and defence of this colony, and for other purposes therein mentioned (1759)

    King George III

    An act for amending and further continuing the act for the better regulating and disciplining; the Militia (1762)

    An Act for disposing of the publick stores of gunpowder in the Magazine in the city of Williamsburg (1762)

    ANNO REGNI (1764)

    An act for appointing Commissioners to examine and state the accounts of the Militia lately ordered out into actual service, and for other purposes therein mentioned (1765)

    An act to amend so much of the act for the better regulating and training the militia as relates to the appointment of patrollers, their duty and reward (1766)

    An act to continue and amend the act for better regulating and disciplining the militia (1766)

    An act for further continuing the act, intituled An act for the better regulating and disciplining the militia (1771)

    Virginia Militia


    An act for raising Volunteers to join the Grand Army (1778)


    info storage

    Started by alex boggs. Last reply by Mary Poppins Oct 27. 10 Replies

    hey all i'm working on a project for our comm shelter.i'm compiling info on about 500gb hard drive with info we may need should shtf.i'm looking for video,doc intire books or whatever on guns ,ammo…Continue

    Seems finding the right people is getting harder and harder

    Started by Chet R Biggerstaff. Last reply by Chet R Biggerstaff Sep 1. 8 Replies

    I have been trying on an off for months to get in touch with the real wa state mallita in benton and klicatat counties (tricities wa and goldendale wa) and as yet have had no joy. I am a vet, oath…Continue

    Where have all the "patriots" gone?

    Started by Rebel Patriot/Prepper. Last reply by Rebel Patriot/Prepper Aug 12. 6 Replies

    What the hell happened here? When the shit hit last year and they were going to take our guns you couldn't beat people away with a stick. Now that things are cheap and easy everyone went back to…Continue

    Started by Patrick Pepper. Last reply by Ben Kross Aug 7. 12 Replies

    National Liberty Alliance is gaining major momentum, the only issue remaining is the enforcement of common law grand juries. This is what the militias need to help enforce. This is the only peaceable…Continue

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