For any of you newbies like me out there, I found a website to search for radio operation training in your area.

I plan on attending the class here in Tacoma next weekend.  If any of you local people would like to attend don't let me feel all alone in class.  The website says it is a one day class yet it lists two dates (06/07/2014 - 06/08/2014)  I have an e-mail into the instructor for clarification.

I'll post more training opportunities as I find them.  I'm thinking first aid, medical training, I'll start with re-certifying my CPR/first responder cards and go from there.  Doe's anyone know of anything more in depth than that for cheap?

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Thanks for providing this info. I will let my group know. I want to master communications.

I found a website on how to make a cheap camp stove.

It runs on whatever puts off fumes, alcohol, gas, white gas, etc...

I got a reply to my questions.  The class is two full days long.

Class Fees:

1.       Class Registration:  $10.00

2.       Class manual, Technician Class – Second Edition, available before class starts:  $30.00

3.       Official FCC License Exam on Tuesday evening:  $15.00

So, it looks like an actual HAM Radio license, when all is said and done will cost about 55$ total.

and you'll have to E-mail and ask to be pre-registered before you take the classes.

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