Regis Magnae Britanniae, Franciae et Hiberniae, quarto.


At a General Assembly, begun and held at the Capitol, in the City of Williamsburg, on Tuesday the 26th of May, in the first year of the reign of our sovereign lord George III, by the grace of God of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, king, defender of the faith, &c. and in the year of our Lord 1761, and from thence continued by several prorogations to Thursday the 12th of January, 1764, in the fourth year of his majesty's reign; and then held at the Capitol, in the City of Williamsburg; being the sixth session of this General Assembly.




An act for appointing commissioners to examine and state the accounts of the militia lately ordered out into actual service and for other purposes therein mentioned.


I. WHEREAS several companies of the militia of the several counties herein after named have lately drawn out into actual service, by command of his honour the Governour, for the defence and protection of called into the frontiers of this colony, against the incursions and depredations of the Indians, and it will be a great saving to the colony to have the accounts of their pay, and the provisions, arms, and other necessaries furnished for them, adjusted by commisioners in the country; and it is moreover judged reasonable, and expedient at this time, when the defence of the colony must depend upon our militia, to allow them some additional reward to

encourage them cheerfully to enter into the service, and perform their duty therein:


II. Be it therefore enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governour. Council and Burgesses, of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same. That George Washington, Fielding Lewis, William Green, Thomas Marshall and Thomas Rutherford, gentlemen, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners for the counties of Hampshire, Frederick, Culpeper, Prince-William, Loudoun and Fauquier, and Thomas Walker, George Carrington, William Cabell, Thomas Lewis, and Peter Hogg, gentlemen, for the counties of Augusta, Louisa, Orange, Albermarle, Amherst, Bedford and Halifax, to examine, state, and settle the accounts of such pay, provisions, arms, and necessaries for the militia of the counties for which they are appointed commissioners respectively, allowing in such accounts the additional pay of sixpence a day to every subaltern and non-commissioned officer and soldier, and also the pay of five shillings a day to such person employed as a scout by direction of the governour; and where arms have been impressed for the said service, and the proprietor thereof hath refused, or shall refuse, such arms when returned, in such case the said commissioners shall allow such proprietor the appraised value thereof, and such arms shall be delivered to the county-lieutenant, or other commanding officer, for the use of the publick, to be used by the militia as occasion requires, until the General Assembly shall give further direction therein. And the said commissioners, or any three of them, shall, and they are hereby empowered, and required, to meet for the purposes aforesaid at such times and places as they shall respectively think fit and convenient, of which time and place publick notice shall be advertised at the court house of each respective county, at least one month before such meeting, and to adjourn from time to time until they shall have settled all the accounts of the said militia; and shall have power to call all persons concerned in settling the said accounts before them, and to administer an oath or oatts to any person or persons, for their better information in the premises: And that the said commissioners, or any two of them, shall certify the said accounts so by them examined, stated and settled, to the governour or commander in chief for the time being, who is hereby desired to issue his warrant to the treasurer of this colony from time to time for the payment thereof; and the said treasurer shall pay the same out of the money that shall come to his hands for bills of exchange to be drawn on the agent of this colony in Great Britain, in pursuance of an act of assembly made in the thirty-fourth year of the reign of his late majesty king George the second, entitled, An Act for appointing persons to receive the money granted, or to be granted, by the Parliament of Great Britain to his majesty for the use of this colony.


III. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid. That when any county lieutenant, or other commanding officer of the militia, shall be required by the governour or commander in chief of this colony to draught any part of his militia, pursuant to the act of assembly made in the thirtieth year of the reign of his late majesty king George the second, entitled, An Act for reducing the several acts for making provision against invasions and insurrections into one act, such county lieutenants, or other commanding officer, shall be empowered to offer a bounty of forty shillings to every person who will voluntarily engage in the service; and the persons so engaging shall be entitled to such bounty, to be paid by the publick, on such officers certificate to the next session of assembly; and shall moreover have such pay and exemptions, and be subject to the same regulations, fines, and punishments, as the militia drawn into actual service are entitled and subject to by the said act.


IV. Provided, That such person shall continue in the service until the governour or commander in chief shall order the militia of such county to be discharged, and shall also be ready to serve whenever he is called upon by the commanding-officer of the county to which he belongs for one year, to he computed from the time of his engaging as before mentioned. And if the number required cannot be raised by such voluntary enlistments, then the county lieutenant, or other commanding officer, shall proceed to draught so many men of his militia as will make up the number, in the manner directed by the said act; and every subaltern and non-commissioned officer and soldier, who by such voluntary engagement, or draught shall be employed in the defence of this colony, at any time before die first day of December next, shall receive sixpence a day over and above the pay allowed by the said act, to be paid in the manner there-in directed.


V. And whereas some of the militia lately employed lost part of their baggage, and their horses, in skirmishes with the Indians, for which they ought to be paid by the publick: Be it therefore further enacted, That the said commissioners shall be, and they are hereby empowered and required, respectively, to examine the accounts produced to them of such losses, and report the same to the next session of assembly.


VI. And be it further enacted. That the said commissioners shall be allowed for their trouble ten shillings a day each, for the time they shall be employed therein.

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