BHM III% is currently recruiting in western WA. Specifically we are recruiting up and down the I-5 corridor. 

If you are looking for a active group to join and you reside in south King county, Pierce or Thurston county we want to speak with you. 

If you can not dedicate at least one weekend or just one full Saturday a month to training don't bother. We are not keyboard warriors. We really get after it.

You can private message here or email us.

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I am willing, 2 or 3 weekends a month.

I would like to visit.  Where&When?

I sent you a private message. Please contact me as soon as you receive. 

John Lapham said:

I would like to visit.  Where&When?

Hey Michael. What county are you located in?

Michael Kilby said:

I am willing, 2 or 3 weekends a month.
Ok so what is your mission, objectives, and forseen outcome? I would be willing to have a set down with the person in charge to see if this group fits my needs and expectations

I've been waiting for quite a while for something to happen with this group so I am game if it for real this time.

I have the same questions as David. What is your mission and objectives? Is there an email or somewhere to talk with someone and ask questions, etc?

The mission objective at BHM III% is prepping at it's core. Training to be as ready as possible for any disasters natural or man made.

We are about assisting in endeavors of Constitutional rights, pro gun rights and more without endorsement of any political party.

We train in comms, civil defense, off the grid living, medical (basics to field practices), and more.

We also plan and participate in charitable efforts in our communities such as feeding and clothing those in need.

I'm going to be checking my email this evening and tomorrow during the football game.

We are online at We have a forum there as well as links to direct contact.

I am Chief Run InTheDark on our forums on our website.

If you are on Facebook, I can send you our recruitment page there. We also have a community page there at

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