I'd like to know exactly what the plan is if the socialists try to impeach our president

I'd like to know exactly what the plan is if the socialists try to impeach our president

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I think they may try, but believe it or not from the research that I have done on Trump.....he is owned by the Rothschild banking cartel.  Most people don't know that he nearly lost everything in 1992 and the banking cartel reluctantly bailed him out, saying that he would be useful to them later. 

If you look around at his cabinet, he is surrounded by Zionists that are dual US/Israeli citizens with clearances that indicate that the Central Clearance Facility (CCF) has been compromised (all with Top Secret Compartmentalized  TS/SCI).  Bush also had an enormous amount of Zionist staff members as well.  Israel spies on the US more than any other country and attacked our USS Liberty ship in 1968 intending to kill all aboard to draw us into the Israeli Egyptian war. They will kick us to the curb once we have sacrificed our men and women to reduce the Arab states to client states dependent and subservient to Israel.

If you couple that with Zionist ownership of all six major news media, and most of the entertainment industry as well as a monopoly on university program directors,  it seems pretty clear that the Zionists have a pretty tight hold over everything we see in the media (except for alternative news on you tube).  Even recently you see in the media that they are pressuring the social media to demonetize any critical news about the WAR agenda. 

Trump will survive because he has their support.  I do however support the President and voted for him because he has done some things behind the curtain to reduce the control that Hillary and her corporate bought criminals have in the White House.

Hope I didn't offend anyone That was not my purpose, but you need to do your own research.  I recommend the Corbet report on you tube as well as many others.  Its ok to get angry.


What is this a left wing militia? I don't know what he did in the past but he seems to be doing quite a bit for the American people. Also I saw that statement that says if you bad mouth another member you'll be kicked out. Ever hear of the first amendment?

Half the crap toy see on You Tube is bukkshit

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