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My name is Max Fairchild and I live in Walla Walla, Washington. I served in the Marine Corps and National Guard and I am almost 37 years old now. Over the last few years, I have been researching the concept of the Militia system the founding fathers created. I guess I have either gotten confused on what happened to it, or it is now the National Guard?

The original Militia structure came from England in 1636 as a defense mechanism made up of all able bodied males to fight off Indian attacks and to stand vigilant against France and Spain that were slowly encroaching on the Thirteen Colonies. In England, the Militia system had been around since King Alfred King of Wessex from 871 to 899, who created the first Militia System or National Militia. The concept of the Citizen Soldier went back to the Greeks and Romans though and was one of the reasons behind the fall of the Roman Empire, due to them hiring foreign mercenaries to do their security work.

The Colonial Militias were used from 1636 to 1775 in a defensive nature, but were called up to fight in the French and Indian Wars (1754-1763) to supplement British forces. They also went on the offensive in 1775 as as Rebel Colonial Militias  at Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, starting the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). The Articles of Confederation talk about the Militia structure, but the aftermath of Shays Rebellion (1786-1787) ended up throwing out the Articles of Confederation and replacing it with the Constitution of the United States. This document is the highest law of the land still today and it outlines the Constitutional Militia. It talks more about the Constitutional Militia for National Defense than the Army and Navy.

As I understand it, the Militia use to be made up of all able bodied males from as a young as 15 to 60.  They were required to have a basic rifle, ammo, knife and a few other things to be ready at a minutes notice. They were to muster and drill several times a month or year and there was a chain of command. Congress actually outlined it with the Militia Act of 1792. George Washington actually summoned up the Militia to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion (1791–1794). It fought in the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), but the American Civil War probably led to the oppression of the State Militia and the creation of the National Guard. By the time of the Spanish-American War in 1898, it appears the Constitutional Militia was in the process of being converted into the federalized reserve component of the Army and Air Force it is today. What ever became of the Naval Militia, I don't know, but it looks like a few states still have them. 

So we flash forward to 2011, and things are now completely confusing. After watching the fight over the National Guard with Arizona, I have came to the conclusion that the National Guard is not in the control of the State anymore and the Federal Government controls it. After Governor Brewer could not activate her Arizona National Guard, because the feds took it over, her office was making plans to create a State Militia. Janet Napolitano came back and said that was what the National Guard was for. First off, the Constitutional Militia was suppose to be the State's Military made up of all able bodied men. The Governor was suppose to be the Commander of it and the President had the ability to summon it up if there were multi-State issues with internal rebellion or foreign invasion. The Federal Government was never to have full control over it. "for the security of a free state" meant just that. We are the United States of America not the United State of  America under Federal Control. 

So here we are today and the Washington State Militia has been turned into a federalized reserve component of the Army and Air Force that gets sent to foreign undeclared wars. It has been subdivided into the Organized Militia (National Guard) and Unorganized Militia (State Guard) and the people creating 2nd Amendment Militias has been outlawed. Furthermore, the name Militia has been demonized as some kind of racist terrorist organization. This is our right and also constitutional. 

Check this out, I have been working on re-creating a Constitutional Militia for the State of Washington for almost four years now. I am the head recruiter and we have a lot more people than meets the eye. Even if not needed for armed defense, it adds to the State of Washington and the National Defense by having people trained properly in weapons safety and marksmanship. Furthermore, the need for emergency management personnel can't be ignored any longer. It's sad if you ask me, in my county here in Walla Walla, there are three women that run the Emergency Management Division and they ave no volunteers. The local American Red Cross has volunteers (mostly old folks), but don't see eye to eye with the Emergency Management Division. Its funny, because they all complain they don't have any volunteers, yet also fail to even look a the Constitutional Militia structure. Going by current government standards all able bodied males from 18-45 are in the Organized or Unorganized Militia like it or not. In my county that is around 17,000 men and I look like a loon even talking about it. FEMA's concept of CERT and taking control of it, is an epic failure since they have taken it over. Does it even exist in reality or is it just a theory? 

So a few of us debated on joining the Washington State Guard, then we found out their standards are high, you can't have any criminal record and you are really walking yourself into enslavement as a Subject and not a Citizen. Furthermore, I have recruited more people on the east-side of Washington than they have. So if the 2nd Amendment gives citizens the right to recruit, organize and train for State and National Defense, why should we all work against each other? It makes more sense to work together for a common cause. If that will ever happen, I have no clue, but we will press forward. 

Max Fairchild
WSM Recruiter

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That's true, Zack.  No, the WA State Guard isn't for individual liberty.  It's full of "Colonels" and doesn't welcome anything else--and is for nothing more than compliance enforcement.  That's NOT what "Security of a (FREE) State" is about but, that's typical of government (by others).  THIS is the only real Washington State Militia--not that anyone has to belong to or participate in this one, only that one espouses to the same recognition of individual liberty for everyone that I understand this Militia espouses.  Your right, Zack, involvement in our own defense of our own individual liberty costs but, not being involved in our own defense means we'll be passively involved in our own and our loved ones' enslavement and torture by the elitists' government, whether foreign or domestic,  to subjugate us to their mastery over us.  THAT passive involvement has an unacceptable cost!

Good research. You know What a going on and how to start getting things in place. When I was in fire dept. It was poor supervision of emergency services. And Pepole not see ing eye to eye is always their. I would glade to help. I drive semivtruck 5 days out 1 3/4 two 2days cell is 509 956 8854. Call I can help from a help for frist aid and emergency sheltering.You have some new Pepole like I to start help impoment in our gruop. I enjoy range action and need time on that as well. Paint gun Traing good practice for our group to learn to be a unit that can work together.

I was just browsing these old threads and this was very insightful as I just posted something on Facebook along the lines of not giving the WSG such a bad time. We may end up working along side of them. Some still say they are not much of a force. Just emergency Management. I get that clearly now. However, you mentioned the word secede. If that were to take place what or where would that leave them? Just the WSM?

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