My name is Daniel Taylor i am new and would like to get involved with a group in Cowlitz County any info helps. Thanks

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Hey. I'm the CO of BHM III% and we are actually expanding down south. We currently are only in Zone 3 for Thurston, Lewis, Pacific, Mason and Grays Harbor. I do have a member in Longview that commutes to work with us. Perhaps we can link up and talk setting up a small group down that way. It would require some dedication to get a nice solid core group going down that way.

Feel free to DM me so we can talk further.

I dont really know how to do that. My number is 3608468792

I have your number. Do you have a direct email that you check on a regular? If so direct message it to me. I really want to talk with you more.

Hey Daniel I didn't forget about you. Just a lot going on with Christmas coming up and we have a street feed event coming up for the homeless in Seattle. I still would like to speak with you. 

We are building down your way. There is actually a small team forming now. I have your email. I will contact you this evening.

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