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Your mission is the creation of a statewide standard. The adoption of this standard is voluntary, however I am suggesting that all units that adopt this standard pledge to only work with units that have adopted it. This way we know who we are dealing with, after all we do business the same way. I am also pledging the support of the 42nd AIG in training all those who need it. I'm positive that the 46th SOC will also agree to help patriots that need help.

The entire purpose of having a standard between units is to enable units to be able to work together without having to have long periods of learning each others ways. In short, to allow interoperability between different units, and regions of the state to increase combat effectiveness. That's it. This is not a discussion of anything else. Here are the topics to be discussed:

1) Universal competency standards. This is the standard EACH patriot must be trained to. Basically this will be the "must be this tall to play". I would like to see the combat vets of this site make this standard. No offense meant to the non-vets in the room, but the simple reality is that you are not qualified to make this standard. Combat is the most hostile and dangerous place on earth, it does not suffer fools. We owe it to the patriots of the State of Washington to ensure that they are trained correctly.

2)Common Task Training. It is crucial that all members are performing certain tasks the same way, such as land nav. It is crucial that First Aid tasks are created and taught by qualified instructors. Same thing with Weapons and communications, and many others.

3)The creation of a statewide comms network. This way units will have a pre established way of making contact.

4) Standardized mission planning. This way the command staff of each unit is working the same way, and people are recieving the intel and briefing they deserve.

5) Other skills and tasks that should be standardized. I don't claim to know it all, I'm sure that Capt. K, and other smart guys here can think of topics that I have not mentioned.


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Then don't do. Never the less the 42nd will maintain that standard. Our 12 dollar background check has stopped at least 4 felons from enlisting. Granted, the background check is not the entire vetting process; it is only the beginning.


Our background check process, combined with a few other things that we do serves to protect the integrity of the organization; as well as provide evidence that we have done everything within our power to weed out those not eligible to serve.  The 42nd places limits on the behavior that we are willing to tolerate.Convicted felons, crimes of violence, those with collectivist ties, and anyone who believes that his race is better than the rest need not apply.

Whether we like it or not, a single member of our unit does indeed speak for all of us, and for the movement as a whole. Every time some jackwagon that claims militia affiliation gets rolled up with a sawed off shotgun, or is found to be a felon in possession of a weapon, or does something else stupid on Facebook or YouTube, it gives us ALL a black eye. This provides fuel to the propaganda machine of the adversary.

Understand that I am under no illusions, I realize that the PTB are not interested in breaking bread with me or mine. My assistance is not wanted, or planned for. Those of you that believe that the Government, local or federal will seek your help need to go take a hard look a NIMS my friend. You are living in a dreamworld and a mastabatory fantasy. I do not seek the recognition of the State or the Feds....but I do seek the recognition of the people. My folks will not give a black eye to the cause, because I check them out.

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