BHM is currently building up it's network of comms operators to all counties in Washington State.


We are seeking both licensed and unlicensed HAM operators or those eager to learn and get there license.


We are also looking for CB operators. Contrary to what people think and say, CB radio is still very useful.


The mission of our comms team is to keep our communities connected in a situation when cell phones and land lines aren't operating. It is also our goal to be able to assist emergency responders in such situations of power outages or natural disasters. More importantly, we want to be to keep our team members informed so that can make the correct decisions in any situation that would call for us to depend on HAM and CB comms.


We will train in disaster response, fine tuning group comms protocol, set up of proper base and mobile stations, distribution of radio units to team members, monthly meetings, regular radio check in and more.


If you are interested please do send a message here. I will be get back to you asap.


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FCC PART 95. The all in one multitype Baofeng radios are no longer allowed. Radios that are HAM can only have HAM FREQS. GMRS radios can only have GMRS freqs and so on. 

This explains why Btech just released a new GMRS radio with only gmrs transmit and receive and only HAM receive, no transmit.

I have a ham license and cb gear at home and in my Jeep.

Do you know where someone can get tccc training?

I have my hams liscense but am still working on programming stuff. The next thing I'd like to do is get some med training. Any idea's?

I am a licensed amateur radio operator.  Glad to help.


Hey John, all I have right now is a BaoFeng f8hp handheld. I'd love to chat with you but unfortunately, I can't figure out how to program the damn thing.

I'm a technician license holder. Going for my general license asap. I gave myself a couple months gap. That's all I'm giving. Time to get back to work. How's it going John? We should meet on the air sometimes. I can hit the Mercer repeater easy with my handheld.

I'm setting up the NET for BHM now. Not this week, but next week we give it the go. Just 2m and 70cm sense that's going to get most of our guys in the NET. I still have you on my Zello by the way. 


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