Is this an active group? I want to start getting involved, if anyone knows what's going on drop me a line

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I guess that you could call us "active:" We've had numerous meetings in December, January, and February. We operate as a network of individuals who are preparing/training to help ourselves, families, community, state and nation for a wide range of emergencies/disasters, both man-made and natural. We don't do politics at our get-togethers, no "threatening the government." We don't have a chain of command, as state statute prohibits "private armies." Training so far has included some basic first aid, basic firearms safety/operation, and basic map reading. These are skills we feel necessary for everyone before getting out to "play in the dirt." We will be also doing "prepper" stuff, such as food preservation/storage, individual & small unit tactics, communications, survival subjects. Individuals who have particular skills are appreciated, but one may come and learn without anything but a willing attitude. We are completely inclusive: No discrimination due to gender, age, ethnicity, physical fitness, etc. The only "iffy" for us is "prohibited persons" and firearms - we keep everything legal and above-board.

We wish to eventually be available and useful to county and state authority for such missions as lost child or lost hiker search, anti-looting patrols during civil disturbance or Katrina-type events, etc.

If this kind of operation appeals to you, come ahead: Our next get-together is March 7th, 6PM. My email is mikesettles@hotmaildotcom RSVP me and I will send you the particulars when I message everyone else about the meeting.

Have a Great Day!

That sounds great. I am just looking to get involved with something both useful and informative. I wasn't looking for overly political or paramilitary.


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