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Started by Sgt.Daniel W Merchant. Last reply by Jack Neman Jul 31, 2018. 11 Replies

In the private security world we use a loose paramilitary ranking system. Goes as the following. CorporalSergeantLieutenantCommander  All new hires are just ( Security) officers. Maybe do something…Continue


Started by MONGOOSE. Last reply by Mojo Dec 9, 2013. 1 Reply

  Our unorganized militia is a voluntary group. No contracts are signed. No laws of UCMJ are held over our heads. Rank, if used, would be symbolic at best.   Natural leaders will rise to the…Continue

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Comment by Terry Smith on June 10, 2013 at 5:02pm

In the old days (18th century) officers were voted into their positions. However, I don't know how practicle that woud be now.

Comment by MONGOOSE on January 15, 2013 at 12:18am


     The GAO commended the Marine Corps for using "credible, reliable, and timely data" to choose their camouflage pattern and implementing it "using clear policies and procedures." The Army and Air Force failed to do the same when it developed the ACU and ABU causing their uniforms to "not meet mission requirements" and forced the services to replace them.

Comment by MONGOOSE on January 15, 2013 at 12:13am

    If we're trying to decide on a uniform, I choose MARPAT woodland. Here's why:

Comment by Gladiator 42/5/71 on December 12, 2011 at 2:43pm

I'm attempting to create what the Constitutional Militia was suppose to look like here.

Today, the Sheriff is the most powerful person in the county, but he is not the Militia Commander. He is elected by the people of the county, but as a law enforcement officer he has no Militia powers. He can form up a sheriff's posse under the posse comitatus. Per wikipedia... 

Posse comitatus or sheriff's posse is the common-law or statute law authority of a county sheriff or other law officer to conscript any able-bodied males to assist him in keeping the peace or to pursue and arrest a felon, similar to the concept of the "hue and cry". Originally found in English common law, it is generally obsolete; however, it survives in the United States, where it is the law enforcement equivalent of summoning the militia for military purposes.

However, it is the Governor electing the Militia Officers verses the People where the Militia appointment is granted. Here is one instance of how people are commissioned or appointed as a Militia Officer.

Lee initially held two important county positions, both given to him by the governor's council, of which his father had been a longtime member. In December 1757, he became "First Justice" of the initial 13-man county court, and by that date he also was County Lieutenant, meaning he commanded the Loudoun Militia.

Here, they are talking about Francis Lightfoot Lee who signed the Declaration of Independence for Virginia. As a County Lieutenant, he was the highest ranking county militia officer and could chose his junior officers, out of all of whom could vote.

The County Lieutenant came from the English concept of Lord Lieutenant. In England and Wales and in Ireland, the Lord Lieutenant was the principal officer of his county. The office's creation dates from the Tudors. Lieutenants were first appointed to a number of English historic counties by Henry VIII in the 1540s, when the military functions of the sheriff were handed over to him. He raised and was responsible for the efficiency of the local militia units of the county, and afterwards of the yeomanry, and volunteers. He was commander of these forces, whose officers he appointed. These commissions were originally of temporary duration, and only when the situation required the local militia to be specially supervised and well prepared — often where invasion by Scotland or France might be expected.

I am also going to add that England passed several Militia Acts like ours after our Country was formed like the Militia Act of 1802, Regulation of the Forces Act 1871, Militia Act 1882, etc.... 

Comment by BlackHorseMilitia on October 6, 2011 at 4:34pm
Ace, can you submit a direct link to that USM info please? I was looking and I just don't see it. Appreciate it
Comment by Smithy on September 4, 2011 at 3:38am
It does happen lol, but seriously Cowlitz does have the better uniforms jk. I do think in October at the 2nd Battalions meeting your going to see our area come together in a big way! I can only hope that the rest of the State will follow! These old ideas will be set aside and new ones will take there place. We know from experience what brings our groups down and this is one of those issues. Let everyone have say and let them be equal, thats how the WSM has been since I've been apart. Dont use rank, just have a Chain of Command or what we call down here a Duty's, you dont have to have rank to hold certain responsibility's in the group. Take for instance my County. We have a Detachment Chief S1, Admin S2, Intel S3, Training & Safety S4, and Quartermaster S5. Ok then for the Sq level. You would have a Sq leader, RTO, Medic, DM. Do these guys need rank? NO why because they know what there jobs are. This system along with a few other things we been working on have seem to been working. Think in terms of the Unit being flexible, cross train your guys in as many different areas as you can. Basically think like a Vol Fire dept, would operate. This I beleve is what needs to happen to make these units work. Than again I could be wrong but at least we tried something new! If you go to our muster in Oct. you will see what I'm talking about!!
Comment by BlackHorseMilitia on September 3, 2011 at 2:14pm
Oh and by the way, "who has the better uniforms" LMFAO. Thats so 5th grader.
Comment by BlackHorseMilitia on September 3, 2011 at 2:10pm
According to what I've learned your right Smithy, but do you think the Governor is ever going to commission anything militia related? Most likely not, or at not until we are under a real attack and the national guard and army won't or can't help. It shouldn't have to get to that point. I really can't stand the fact that the militia is trying to help just like any other community group and the local officials dump on it. Anyhow, standards do need to be met as a collective. Even with the smaller groups that will have there own sets of rules, even they should be in line with the over standards set because its for the greater cause of everything we are trying to establish. A few months ago I would have said, well lets just follow the Texas Militia standards and codes of conduct and so on but in the last month I've come to find out even they are having friction among the groups. Its just silly and all of us as grown men and women need to just come together to set these standards and if we have to by pass the governor and vote in our own officers until further establishment with the governor, so be it. We are all about being ready no matter what correct? Just sayin'. Thats my two cents.
Comment by Smithy on September 2, 2011 at 8:56pm
Here is the thing though, How can you have Officers if the governor of WA will not Commission one? The Constitution states only the Governor can Commission officers in the Militia. Like Smiter said to have a rank structure of any kind we would need standards. We do not have those standards yet. Once all of these groups stop bitching about who has the better Uniform or whatever, and start to set standards throughout the State. Then maybe we can get to this rank issue. But that in its self is going to take leaders of each county to stand up and say, hey I like your idea better than mine lets do it! This is what we are trying to do here in Southwest, WA (2nd Btn) Groups around this area are standing together! It would be nice to see this around the rest of the state!
Comment by BlackHorseMilitia on August 21, 2011 at 10:40pm
There are so many ways to set up there structure but at the end of the day no one here is all about power, we are about organizing so I simply suggest to follow the basic structure that is already laid out in our typical military or even to take that and make it a bit smaller based on the size of the group. Thats my 2 cents

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