Hi I am Ed

Just found out about the Milita of Washington state.

Wondered for a long time but did not know where to look.

I want to do some thing

Not just sit around dreaming of great battles.

Voting seems to be a good Issue to do something about.

Hi I am your neighbor campaign perhaps

I am looking for a mentor to point my energy in the right direction in a unified way


The Two biggest threats to freedom and free market capitalism in this country remain


(1) The apathy of those who do not VOTE

(2) The ignorance of the majority who do VOTE

The rest of our problems are just the symptoms.


And you wonder why the doctor told me to stop watching the news unless

I am overly medicated to a state of near coma toast.

Yes toast - Well done with butter on both sides.


Like Hank Williams Jr. Said


"The United Socialist States of America how do you like that Name.

I'll keep the U.S.A and Ya'll can keep the change."


Keep you powder Dry and Vote for Freedom.

Yours as always

          Edward Uncle Sam'sSon DeFeller 

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regarding voting, 

Voting is a freedom, to choose to do so or not. i look at my vote as my word, my word is my honor. in that regard i willl not lower myself to vote "For the lesser of two evils". My honor is worth more and my vote is saved for a leader that accutally respects our rights while trying to better the people of this country, not just his/her campaign supporters. The last president to do so was Andrew Jackson, he rid the country of the central banking system, balanced our books where we had a surplus of money in our vaults, not a deficit. 

What is sad to me is that once upon a time the people of this country used to dream of what could be when electing a leader. not of what they will lose if they elect this leader or that. 

Which is why we have constitutional safe guards if a certain majority of the populous didn't vote, the election would have to be recast. The country not voting would send a VERY powerful message that we are done with the bullshit that has infected our liberties and way of life. Hence why I will not vote, My Honor is not for sale! no matter whats at stake. 

Amen brother.

The libertarian candidate suggested in a debate last week that the D and the R should both wear NASCAR jackets with the names of their sponsors on them. Maybe that would be a good thing.

Are you still interested in the militia for Kitsap county? I really would like to get something organized. The economy, and politics are swirling the toilet. We need help to set up communities to prepare for the inevitable failure of both, not just for liberty but for our survival. I live in Bremerton.

Mike Cambria I too am in Bremerton and interested in joining you.
Cambra *** stupid auto correct


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