Pomeroy Patriots

(Picture of James A. Garfield )
The Pomeroy Patriots, is a proposed group in Garfield County Washington that seeks to:
1. Uphold and Comply with the United States constitution..
2. Participate In Emergency Preparedness of all kinds.
3. Encourage Community Safety and Security

      * Watch out for, and report crimes.

      * Help people in Garfield County install security lights, cameras, alarms, locks, and other security items that may benefit personal security and the security of the community.
4. Promote health and good moral.

The Pomeroy Patriots will operate as part of the Washington State Militia, and as the Militia of Garfield County. If ever there is a terrorist attack, or invasion the Militia's duty will be to defend the community, and aid anyone who is in need of aid.

To be a member of the Pomeroy Patriots you must be a legal citizen of Garfield County, and the State of Washington, and reside in this county.

Questions about Militia should be directed to: after reading the material at

We wish to work with the people of Garfield County, Law Enforcement, EMS, and others to make Garfield County a better place to live.

This is a proposal. Once it is official information will be released to local Law Enforcement about our existence and intent, and we will begin recruitment. We are not an extremist or radical group.

Location: Pomeroy Washington
Members: 3
Latest Activity: Jun 20, 2016

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