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When my boy became a man

The moment my boy became a man!

From the moment our eyes met, I agonized over how best to love, guide and defend.…


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Hillary aka Serpent

Hillary aka Serpent... As we can identify in many symbols, the rep of eternity or the circle is the serpent eating its own tail... Government will not control or regulate itself,. and if broken will not fix itself.

But rather goes into defense mode, and tries to criminalize everything the masses do, to justify its disaster.

Will Hillary EVER see the Inside of a Prison cell for the Crimes she has committed?

Very doubtful, as she has very…


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American Muslim of Olympics

American Muslim Olympian Bashes America and then Mocks Victims of Muslim Extremism

By Onan Coca

Ibtihaj Muhammad is one of the world’s best athletes and a champion fencer. She also happens to be both Muslim and American, and so she competes for…


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Lady Death

Little Mizz Pantsuit was supposed to talk about Jobs at her rally, but guess who showed up? Omar Mateen... Although Hillary did not directly invite him, she knew he was there and changed the format of her talking points to be about the night club..

She seems to be out for blood,... American white blood. As she has made it clear to increase the refugees by 550% and is…


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Selling out to Wussification

What happened to Land of the Free? or Home of the Brave?

We have been reduced to a state of Total wussification... Where Lawmakers write laws to pacify over sensitive individuals because they might get their feelings hurt.

Let's be real, at some point in everyone's life someone is going to do or say something we find offensive. and no measure of lawmaking will stop…


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Thanks to Jeffrey Mccoy A LITTLE BIT OF GUN HISTORY..........In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control:From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounde…

Thanks to Jeffrey Mccoy


In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control:

From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and…


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Dallas Shooter: Micah Johnson Was On A Suicide Mission

Dallas Shooter: Micah Johnson Was On A Suicide Mission

The Dallas Shooter in the Dallas Massacre, was none other than a 25…


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A world Of Chaos

A World Of Chaos

I want to firstly say, that I have a healthy respect for our first responders and our troops that serve our country. I commend them in everything that they do. With that being said...last night I had a very vivid dream last night I would like to…


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Dallas Police Massacre

While Hillary Clinton Violates the U.S. Code and Walks away,... Other events are occurring, We all know about (BLM) "Black lives Matter" now there is a New Organization who Identifies itself as (BPPO) "Black Power Political Organization"

This new group has taken Action in Dallas TX. as of July-7th/2016 Snipers assassinating Police Officers, this Continued to the following day... more cops getting killed.

We had better be on our toes,. This can easily lead up to a Presidential…


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Allegiance To the Flag

I am curious!

Is the Democratic party Demons?

I say this because they do things that are usually contrary to the Liberty and Rights of Americans in General?

Are they Anti-American?

We have a Pledge of Allegiance:

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, of the United States of America.…


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Assault Weapon Ban

If you are aware of what is going on in the world, You will know about the Brexit issue.

It is important to note, Soon after the Brexit took place there was a lot of U.N. Movement within the U.S.

there have been a lot of reports of people seeing U.N. Military Vehicles all over.

This is important to Identify the potential Risk, as the U.N. is NOT the Americans friend or Savior.

While this is going on, U.S. Congress, Politicians, and Musical Artist are going out of…


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Civilian Defense and Emergency Management Capability

I was looking around the web and found the Watchmen of America site. It is interesting and pretty well built. They have devised a  interesting badge system that reflects their training and effectiveness. It seems like search and rescue and weapons training of all types in the good units and the poor ones are poor for many reasons.  It might be useful to see ehat is being done and come to an agreement about what people want to see developed and in place here in the PNW.

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Morning Report #2

Since joining this patriotic association I have had the pleasure of operating with one group geared to the safety and survival of the families of the members that requires relocating to secure sites. Starting from scratch to build a unit that sometimes had to turn away people that weren't fully committed to the mission has made it tough to grow the unit.

With that said I…


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New member, first post

Just looking for like minded people who wish to uphold our constitution, the rule of constitutional law, common sense, defense of ourselves, local police & first responders in the event of a catastrophe. I have a great mistrust of our government and its intentions.

I am looking for other people to band together with in the event of a catastrophe and to follow a plan to keep us and our loved ones save is such an event. I am not a radical, I do not hate someone just because of their…


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New unit formation

Hey everyone, I am looking to join/form a local unit (snohomish county /Marysville/Tulalip)
Anyone who is interested in actually forming an active group please contact me

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Sedro Woolley?

I'm new here, Is there anyone in or near Sedro Woolley?

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Anyone seen this ?

To: All Wram Members

From: Firehawk

Subject: Critical Alert (See Below)

The wait…


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We must do what needs to be done, and I'm ready.

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I will not comply

Used with permission of the original author, Regulator. Original title, "…


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