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Between live fire drills, learning how to handle a sniper situation and preparing for disaster situations, the Texas Militia is comprised of a bunch of guys with normal lives and jobs who "just want to be here for the community."

A film crew with a major TV network that could not be named for privacy purposes scouted the militia Saturday and Sunday during a training sessi...on in Comfort, evaluating it as the…


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ACLU news letter 04/14/2011

Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself

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SPLC News Letter 04/14/2011

Southern Poverty Law Center

April 14, 2011…


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E-mail to CERT Command (lol)!

To Whom it May Concern,
It figures the DHS would be in control of CERT (lol). Since CERT appears to be a federal thing now instead of a civilian thing, can the civilian state militias utilize it for emergency management training and to establish independent CERT groups? We find our state and county level EMD's a complete disgrace in most places and we think we can do it better. My county EMD in Walla Walla, Washington had no volunteers the last time I checked and…

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WSM Log 04/05/2011

Brief History: The WSM started in 1855 as a Territorial Militia, but by the time we made statehood in 1889, the concept was almost abandoned. It is unclear what exaclty happened, but it appears to be the aftermath of the American Civil War.


I believe from my studies that the U.S. Federal Government tried to step up their power against the Southern States going into the 1860's. Without going into it in depth, communication broke down between the Feds and the States and the…


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