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April 14, 2011

"I know you're ready to die, but you also have to be ready to kill."

Alaska Militia leader to his "command staff" according to Alaska State Court Documents

Dear Friend,

Our country has experienced an alarming increase in hate and extremist groups, and we want you to stand by our side in the fight against hate and bigotry. Please send your 2011 renewal gift today.

More than 1,000 hate groups, a record number, and armed antigovernment militias—some potentially violent—seek to divide our nation.

With your help, we are providing vital training to law enforcement officers to help them recognize the signs of extremism and to keep them safe. In just the past two months, we have seen:

• a member of a neo-Nazi group arrested for planting a powerful bomb in Spokane, Washington, along the MLK Day parade route. (SPLC's intelligence team provided information on the bomber to law enforcement.)

• an Alaskan militia group's plan to kill state troopers and a judge. By the time police foiled the plot, the group had already begun surveillance operations on their targets and stockpiled dozens of weapons.


My greatest fear is that acts like these will escalate—that there could be a major attack like the Oklahoma City bombing.

With your help, the Southern Poverty Law Center has become the nation's leading authority on hate and extremism in our country. Our work is essential to exposing the activities of extremist groups. Please renew your support today.

Our Teaching Tolerance project is also doing its part to break the cycle of hate and anger by reaching children with messages of acceptance with our free tolerance education materials. Your renewal gift will help us provide hundreds of thousands of teachers with these critical tools free of charge.

Please let me know that you'll continue to stand with us. Send your renewal gift today.

Morris Dees photo

Morris Dees
Morris Dees
Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

P.S.: If your renewal gift and this e-mail have crossed, please accept my gratitude for your continued commitment to making a difference in our country.

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